About ZipToMeet.com

What Is ZipToMeet?

ZipToMeet.com is a new kind of search engine designed to help people with similar interests meet up, right now.

If you have ever wished that you could find another person to do something with right now, not tomorrow or next week but right away, before the night is over, or even in the next few minutes, then ZipToMeet is here to help!

What Do You Mean By "Right Now?"

All the results you see on ZipToMeet are from people that are looking to meet up right now, not listings that have been posted days ago.

So How Does It Work?

Simple. Users browse to ZipToMeet.com, or any of the specialized ZipToMeet portals. From there, users can search by activity, location, or both. A list is then returned of people (or groups) that meet the search criteria. If no listings are found, the user can quickly turn their search into a listing so other people can contact them. New listings are posted immediately.

If a user finds someone they are interested in meeting they can use ZipToMeet to send a message to the user containing contact information, details about you, whatever you want. ZipToMeet then delivers your message and the other user will respond with you directly if they are interested.

Is This Anonymous?

All listings are anonymous. The ZipToMeet system stores your email address and sends messages to you from other users. Your email address is never visible to anyone. If you respond to a listing, you will need to provide some sort of contact information or else the other party will not be able to contact you.

How Is ZipToMeet Different From The Other Search Engines?

The key difference between ZipToMeet and other social search and listings is that ZipToMeet uses real-time information, updated to the minute. This lets users search for others who are looking to meet up RIGHT NOW, not yesterday or next week. Users can search for other people (or groups) based on location or activity and then use then send messages to anyone they are interested in meeting with, right away.

Another unique feature of ZipToMeet is that searches are converted into listings. If a search doesn't a good result, users can quickly change their search into a free listing so that other users can find them.

Listings only last a short time and are removed from the system when they expire. This ensures that any listing seen on ZipToMeet is current.

So What Can I Use ZipToMeet for?

You can use ZipToMeet to find other people, in any area, who are interested in doing something right now. For example, you can search for someone who is waiting for a tennis second, or find a fishing partner, or someone looking to take their classic car out for a cruise. You can also search for more practical activities, such as someone looking to carpool or share a ride. ZipToMeet can also help you meet up with romantic interests, find a buddy to watch the game with.

In addition to Zip Code searches, ZipToMeet also supports many online game servers. This lets you find other players looking to join your team, raid, or even group up for a few minutes.

How Fast Do My Listings Show Up?

Other users can see and respond to your listings immediately.

How Much Does ZipToMeet cost?

There is ABSOLTELY NO FEE for using ZipToMeet to list or respond. This site is completely supported by advertising revenue.

This Stinks! I Don't See Any Listings!

Old listings are removed from the system all the time. It is not unusual to have no results for an activity or location. Try back later, or make your own listing so others can find you. Remember, your listing is completely anonymous, so why not list your search?

Thanks for using ZipToMeet.

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